(Dustin) Zhi  Zeng MD PHD

ABIM Board certified.

Education and experience:

MD, Resident fellow, Internal Medicine at Wayne State University School of Medicine

PHD, Biochemistry/Physiology: focus Hematology.  Wayne State University School of Medicine

Senior Research Scientist, Human Genetics, Gene-therapy, Apoptosis.  University of Michigan.

Fellow, National Institute of Health (NIH)

Attending Physician:

San Gabriel Valley Medical Center,Garfield Medical Center,Methodist Hospital

Dr. Zeng receive PHD at School of Medicine in 1992 in the field of blood clotting mechanism. He also completed three years of postdoctoral training in the field of Gene Therapy and Cell program death or Apoptosis in 1994. During which he was awarded NIH fellowship and publish numerous scientific papers including prestigious CELL journal. Afterwards, he served as research Scientist at University of Michigan Department of Urology in the field of Gene Therapy on prostate and was awarded American VA research Grant along with successful research topic and multiple publications, including two articles in Journal of Urology.

He founded Pacific Royal Medical Center in 2000 in San Gabriel, California. His current practice includes Adult medicine as Primary Care Physician, focus on Geriatrics and Physical therapy. He was also elected Global who’s who 2008; American Chinese Times Magazine(AC Times) front cover in 2002 issues. He is also frequent guest speaker in Phoenix TV, Sky TV, and 1300 Chinese Radio Station.

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