Pacific horizon med ctr 解除您的疾苦就是我们的任务和回报

耐心, 精心, 苦心, 良心。great effort with all of our heart 

Pacific horizon med.ctr 皇家医学为您健康服务

serving the community for more than 21 years 


patient education 皇家提供仔细的病人教育沟通

endless effort for communication is the key for our success.

state of art diagnostic equipment 精密诊断仪器

We have variety of on site diagnostic equipment for your immediate attention and quick treatment planning with our expert

specialty focus with expert 精通特殊疾病

with focus on Diabetes, Hypertension, Joint Arthritis, early cancer detection, our expert is ready for your treatment

skin disease is one of our specialty 擅长皮肤病

we are specialized in all kind of laser skin treatment for skin lesions. 我们用激光治疗各种皮肤疾病